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Research Achievements of ¡°Mirae Consulting¡±
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.... Research Achievements of ¡°Mirae Consulting¡±
Year Research Achievement
2001 Chung Shim Hospital Operation Plan & Feasibility Study - 200 beds
2002 Kyung Hee Univ. Hospital (East & West Neo Medical Center) Construction Feasibility Study - 600 Beds

Kwang-ju Military Hospital Construction Feasibility Study (Co-work With Sun-Jin Engineering)
2003 Seoul National Univ. Hospital Health Promotion Center in Kang-Nam, Construction Feasibility Study

Pusan National Univ. Hospital in Yang San, Construction Feasibility Study

Catholic Medical Center Heath Promotion Center Construction Feasibility Study

Beijng Hospital in China, Construction Feasibility Study (Co-work with S & I Corporation)
2004 Korea Institute of Radiological and Medical Science, International Cancer Center Construction Feasibility Study

KIRAMS South-Eastern Cancer Center Construction Feasibility Study

Korean Veterans Hospital Construction Feasibility Study - 600beds (Co-work with Korea Development Institute and Ministry of Planning & Budget)
2005 Hwang Sae Young OBGY Specialized Hospital Enlargement Feasibility Study

Dae-Gu Korean Medicine Univ. Hospital Enlargement Feasibility Study

Chang-Won Han Heart Hospital Enlargement Feasibility Study - 500 Beds

Korea Electric Power Corporation, Hanil Hospital Enlargement Feasibility Study - 1,000 Beds
2006 Seoul Medical Center Construction Feasibility Study - 600 Beds

Shihwa Christian Hospital Construction Feasibility Study - 500 Beds
2007 Dong-A Univ. 2nd Hospital Construction Feasibility Study

Se-jong 2nd Hospital Construction Feasibility Study

EWha Womans Hospital, Yang Chun Medical Center Construction Feasibility Study

Myung-Ji Boo Min Hospital Construction Feasibility Study
2008 Choong Ju Medical Center Medical Plan Consulting - BTL Method

Korea University Spearhead Medical Center Medical Space Program Consulting
2009 Korean Veteran¡¯s Hospital Operation Plan - 1,400 Beds

Health Zone Feasibility Study - Bucheon City

Healthcare Town Feasibility Study - Pajoo City

Shi heung Geriatrics Hospital Operation Master Plan - Kyung-Gi Province
2010 Spine and Articulation Specialized Hospital Operation Plan - 300 Beds

Kang-Jin Medical Center Operation Plan - 250 Beds
2011 Feasibility Study for Establishment of Radio-Medical Research Center - 500Beds

Long-range Mster Plan for Hongsung Medical Center - 800Be

Muhas Medical Center, Tanzania

VK Heart Hospital, Vietnam

Tri Space Program, Qutar.

H¡¤Adam Malik Hospital in Madam Project

South Regional Hospital, Honduras


F/S for Donga Rehabilitation Hospital Establishment

Management Analysis for Gupo Sungshim Hospital

Management Planning for Purme Children Rehabilitation Hospital

Medical Plan for Seongnam City¡¯s Medical Center

Investment plan for Myanmar Health medical field

Basic data investigation on Cambodia Health Medical


Anseung Saint Maria¡¯s Hospital Long-term Master Plan

F/S on UNIST-Workers¡¯ Accident Hospital Establishment

F/S on Tayabas Public Hospital &Nurse College Establishment in Philippine

F/S on Wenzhou Province¡¯s Medical Special Zone Development Project in China

F/S on Dobonggu¡¯s Public Hospital Establishment in Seoul, Korea


F/S on Donga Rehabilitation and Geriatric Hospital (300beds)

Management Analysis for Incheon Christian Hospital

F/S on Dental Hospital Establishment for disabled people in southwestern Seoul

Ways to get Woo-jeong hospital in Gwacheon City back to normal

F/S on Central-Provincial Hospital Establishment in Papua New Guinea

F/S on General Hospital Establishment in Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Plan for Remodeling &Efficient Operation Management of HNMMAEUM Senior Hospital


Master Plan for Ulsan Hospital

Evaluation Analysis of Propriety and Efficiency for Pohang St.Mary¡¯s Hospital with Management System of Charge

Study on the Improvement Directions for Strengthening of Role of Workers' compensation Insurance of COMWEL Daejeon Hospital

F/S on Establishment and Operation of the Downtown Clinic in Kangnam areas

F/S on Daejeon Medical Center Establishment

Consulting on Establishment of a Multi-disciplinary Specialized Hospital at BSMMU in Bangladesh


Establishment of Children¡¯s Hospital Sukkur(EDCF Loan No. PAK-7)

Matara District Maternal and Newborn Health Care Strengthening Project