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Position Name Degree / Specialties
CEO / President Kim Jae Sun Ph.D in public health, Social Welfare worker, Affiliated Professor in Gacheon University and Korea University
Senior Advisor Hwang In Kyung Ph.D in public health, Former Vice president of Gacheon University, Chairman of Korea society of hospital administration
Vice President Park Seong Ho Ph.D in business administration, Former head of personnel section of Korea University Hospital, Affiliated Professor in Yuhan University
Consultant Kim Jeong Hee Ph.D in public health, Former researcher in National Health Insurance Corporation / professor in Yuhan University / KOICA consultant, Hospital management part
Moon Young Jeon Ph.D in public health, worked in Seoul National University Hospital, Hospital management part
Bae Gwang Ho Hospital management part, Former vice director of Sejong Hospital
Nam Shin Woo Hospital logistics part, worked in Catholic University Hospital
Jung Jae Ho Master in engineering, medical equipment part
Suh Won Koon MBA, Hospital project part, worked in Samsung Medison
Choi Kyung Hae Master in public health, worked in Health insurance review and assessment service

Non Executive
Position Name Degree / Specialties
Consultant Kim Young Bae Ph.D in public health, Professor in National Gongju University
Kim Jin Hyung Ph.D in public health, Professor in Seoul National University Nurse College
Seo Won Sik Ph.D in Hospital management, Professor in Gacheon University
Yang Nae Won Ph.D in engineering (Doktor-Ingenieur in Germany), Professor in Hanyang University (Architecture)
Kim Myung Sook Vice President in Gyung-gi Privince Si-heung Hospital
Lee Jae Hee Ph.D in economics, Professor in Gacheon University
Jeong Tak Cheol Ph.D in business administration, Professor in Samyuk University, Former vice director of Seoul Adventist hospital
Lee Jeong Woo Ph.D in public health, Professor in Daejun University